Wild Escape At Ranthambore National Park

Wild Escape At Ranthambore National Park

A silence hangs heavy in the air. Every breath is hitched, cameras ready. Orange and black stripes whoosh past, click click click! Finally caught the tiger on camera.

The Ranthambore National Park is one of the best places in India to see a tiger. Located in the Sawai Madhopur District of Rajasthan state, it lies at the junction of the Aravalli and Vindhya hill range. What makes it so special is that all the animals are used to being stared at all the time so it makes watching them easier. The park covers an area of approximately 400 sq Km and if combined it with the area of Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary, it is around 500 Sq km. The national park is named after the Ranthambore Fort which sits atop a hill, looking over the forested area.

Entry sign for Ranthambore National Park


A shot of the Ranthambore Fort atop a hillock


The Ranthambore National Park is every photographer and wildlife enthusiasts’ dream destination as one can find a wide variety of wild animals.  This park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1957 and gained the status of a national park in 1981. The Ranthambore National Park has the “Project Tiger” protection since 1974. The park is dotted with structures and monuments of the days bygone. There are also many water bodies scattered over the forest, providing relief for the forest inhabitants during the parching hot months. Having a mix of fauna, monuments and alluring nature, the Ranthambore National Park is a delight for every wildlife lover and photographer.

If one wants to see tigers, this national park is one of the best options as it is said that tigers are seen hunting in full view of tourists and during day-time as well. Being used to human sightings every day, the animals in this park are not afraid of humans. This lack of fear is excellent as the tourists get to see tigers very often.

A tiger crosses the small road as a jeep approaches


A jeep passes through a passage by the fort


Other than tigers, tourists can also see a wide variety of other animals like – Leopards, Striped Hyenas, Sambar deer, Chital, Nilgai, Common or Hanuman langurs, Macaques, Jackals, Jungle cats, Caracals, Sloth bears, Black bucks, Rufoustailed Hare, Indian Wild Boar, Chinkara, Common Palm Civets or Toddy cat, Coomon Yellow Bats, Desert Cats, Fivestriped Palm Squirels, Indian False Vampires, Indian Flying Foxes, Indian Foxes, Indian Gerbilles, Indian Mole Rats, Indian Porcupines, Longeared Hedgehogs, Ratels, Small Indian Mongoose, Small Indian Civets and Common mongoose.

Amphibians like the Common Indian Toad and the Common Frog can be found.

The park is also renowned for its diurnal Tigers.

Other than these a variety of marsh crocodiles and reptiles can also be seen.

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