Have You Experienced These Adventure Activities At Solang Valley?


Have You Experienced These Adventure Activities At Solang Valley?

If you are looking for a place where you could rest your soul and inhale the sweet air of tranquility and serenity- then catch a bus and head to the Solang Valley in Manali. It is a side valley at the top of the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Only 14 km northwest of Manali and is known for its summer and winter sport activities. Don’t get carried away by what you hear, this beautiful valley is about so much more than just adventure sports!

Solang valley offers the view of glaciers and snow-capped mountains and peaks. It has one of the most fine ski slopes. The best thing about this little place is that it will fill your soul with positive energy and thoughts. Just a few days here will leave your mind rejuvenated for a long time!

Solang Valley is host to multiple activities both during summer and winter. It has a terrain suitable for various adventure activities and mountain sports. Here’s the top 4 adventure activities that you must experience when you’re in Solang Valley:

1. Paragliding

Paragliding at the Solang Valley


If you are at Solang Valley and want to stay in touch with the adventurous side of your soul, try paragliding!  Have you ever dreamt of soaring through the sky or wondered what it’s like to fly like a bird?  You can try to touch the limitless sky by paragliding in Solang Valley. You can always try out the Short Fly Paragliding or a Long Fly Paragliding. It is one of the most famous adventure sport activity and it is not confined to any specific seasons. There are no words to describe the experience of the soundless wing flying high through the sky, so we won’t even try and explain it.  Paragliding is an outstanding experience and should be a part of your Solang Valley plan!

TerrainTravellers gives you the wonderful opportunity to experience Paragliding. For just Rs. 1,800/- you can experience a Short Fly Paragliding and for Rs. 3,999/- you can experience a Long Fly Paragliding at Solan Valley.


2. ATV Rides



If the idea of paragliding scares you, don’t worry- there our other activities like, ATV bike rides– all the men and women who want to satisfy the little teenagers  in them this is your cue! This activity is both thrilling and adventurous. There is no reason you shouldn’t try this out.

TerrainTravellers gives you the wonderful opportunity to experience ATV rides at just Rs. 1,000/- . Click here to book now!


3. Hiking & Waterfall Trail



Solang Valley’s lush greenery, apple orchards and lakes attracts thousands of visitors from India and abroad every year.  The state-of-the-art ropeway is a favourite with the tourists and a convenient way to view Solang. We don’t blame you if you are looking for a quiet hideout and want to explore the beautify of the Solang Valley, you can opt for an amazing hiking and waterfall trail to soothe your mind!

TerrainTravellers gives you the wonderful opportunity to experience this hiking trail in Solang Valley at just Rs. 1,000/- . Click here to book now!


4. Horse Riding

Horse Riding


One of the most popular activity at Solang Valley is Horse Riding, walking through this gorgeous valley is sight that you will never forget. Solang Valley is geographically very diverse and riding through it would make you love this version of the valley.

TerrainTravellers gives you the wonderful opportunity to experience Horse Riding in Solang Valley at just Rs. 950/- . Click here to book now!

Charles Bukowski once said, ‘People empty me. I have to get away to refill. What better way to refill yourself than to do it in this beautiful valley.


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