Why People Love To Travel?


Why People Love To Travel?

It is very common to be among the people who are in love with the idea of travelling: to drown themselves in some far away land with certain amount of uncertainty and to feel that adrenaline rush every time a new place shows up.

Why do I, and most of the people I know, want to travel?

Some people believe that travelling is a way for them to escape. The monotonous way we live our lives builds up a strong need to be somewhere far. We all want to disappear for a few days, sneak off to a distant land, only to come back with moments, stories and experience.

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Of course, people would take offence to the thought that their very passion could be minimised to some sort of escape. But there is a tiny truth to it. We are living in a world where everything is so cut throat, people are so frustrated and they don’t truly know how to express it. To be able to avoid, or even minimise the frustration and anger of daily lives sounds like a great reason to me. After all, travelling is staying one step ahead of reality.

People want to feel a sense of connectedness. The world is becoming smaller and larger simultaneously. We have every mean of communication and somehow we feel a sense of detachment. Technology can link us to people thousands of miles away but it can also compartmentalize us from the very people we share a roof with. Perhaps travel teaches us the ability to communicate. It pushes us to talk; not just with the people we visit but with the people we left behind.


Travelling allows us to feel connected, not just with people but with the earth. It makes us want to be free; to drive up a mountain, to read a book next to a beach, write under an ancient temple- anything. We read about people online all the time and it has never occurred to us that, maybe we could be the one living that life not just liking it on facebook. We want to be noticed, and we want to notice the universe the way it demands to be noticed because no matter where you are from, you experience the music together. This feeling is bigger than anything and everyone wants to experience it.

We badly want to travel because we desperately need to connect with the world we have forgotten. It enables us to go back in time when reality hasn’t sunk in yet, when truth is not a dangerous concept, when the world is still wide open, ripe with endless marvels waiting to be discovered.


When you travel, you realise that we share the same planet, we are just divided by international or national boundaries that were created by humans to once unite us and it is our right to go out there and remind each other that we are all together, we are connected and there is so much love to give.

We expect the change to hit us like a truck. But please remember that travelling is not about that- The effect of travelling isn’t instantaneous, but one day you wake up and realise your perspective has changed entirely. No matter what we lack in our lives, in our families, in our office- we somehow always make up for it in our lifestyle.

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