On Wheels To The Heavens – Ladakh A Journey Of A Lifetime!

Ladakh Motorbike Expedition

On Wheels To The Heavens – Ladakh A Journey Of A Lifetime!

By any measure of standard the Journey from Manali to Leh-Ladakh is a tryst with high heavens.
With roads that open up for only a few months a year, the 470 km long journey to Ladakh will test you, terrify you but ultimately it will leave you spellbound. Leh is the stuff of dreams, it is pristine and it is wild.

As the mighty Imagine Dragons have said “the path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell.”
Well they couldn’t have been more correct, anyone who has been on a road trip to Leh will tell you that it lives up to its reputation of the most rugged and badass trip their is to undertake. The journey to Leh is as harrowing as it is legendary.

Bikes at Leh


You see, the trip to Ladakh has never been about the destination,but the journey itself. The journey which introduces you to unparalleled landscapes, shimmering blue lakes and the indomitable snow clad mountains.
Spending nights under the starry skies on the banks of a solitary Pangong, admiring the celestial opulence you will probably experience for the very first time in your life freedom, in its purest form.

The untarnished beauty and blissful solitude is yours alone to savour. It as though you exist in harmony with that heavenly land and there is something hauntingly beautiful about the romance of an isolated journey.
Wherever you turn, you will see a miracle, wether it’s the sun painting the mountains in a golden hue as it descends behind them or the mountains covered with sand. It is as though God painstakingly created every inch of this land and the men.

Beauty lies as much in the landscapes of Leh, as it does in the people. The people of Leh are vibrant, humble and just seem to emanate peace.



And as though all these experiences aren’t enough to stir up your senses and jolt you to awareness, the pleasure is increased ten fold by encountering these on a motorcycle. When you are riding your bike through these perilous terrain you are truly in touch with your surroundings you tend to sense things even before you see them, the smell of the lake that lies behind the mountain curve, the sound of the mountains roaring because your senses are heightened.

Ladakh biking expedition to the land of high passes is counted among the best adventure experiences and trust me it more than lives upto its expectations.

Ladakh Monastery


You will find with Ladakh once is not enough, twice is not enough, forever is not enough. And each time you go back there Ladakh will welcome you with more beauty. So if you haven’t yet ventured to Ladakh, I suggest you pack a rucksack this summer and set down to the journey of a lifetime.

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The heavens are calling.

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