The Cultural Hub Of Himachal Pradesh – Kullu & Manali

The Cultural Hub Of Himachal Pradesh – Kullu & Manali

Manali is a different kind of getaway. Manali demands you to walk out of your comfort zone and do things you normally wouldn’t opt for. What is about Kullu & Manali that makes people want to try new things? There are so many things you can do if you ever decide to plan a trip to Manali. You go explore the beautiful culture or sit under the sun and eat Trout fish. The choice is yours.  Manali is nestled on the banks of the Beas River in the mountains of the Himalayas. It is one of the premier places in the world to backpack as well as honeymoon. It offers various activities like skiing and trekking adventures and is the launching point for many Himalayan adventures.

Kullu-Manali are culturally enriching for various reasons. To begin with, the fairs, customs, food habits, beliefs, attire and occupation explicate the hard-earned lifestyle of the aborigines. The people of Kullu believe in perseverance and living a simple life.

Fagli Festival

The fairs and festivals celebrated in the valley are an irreplaceable part of the native culture. These bright vibrant fairs not only hold religious but economic importance. The customs and rituals practiced in the valley depict how much the natives love their nature and how significant it is in their lives. The people here worship deities who are sages, snake gods and other powerful gods and goddesses mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures. Every village has beautiful temples dedicated to these deities.

Dussehra festival is celebrated gloriously in Manali but if you’ve missed it, you can always plan your trip in January. Manali hosts the Winter Carnival, during which dancing and singing competitions display much of the local talent. At the end of April, Kullu celebrates the Spring Festival with plays and performances celebrating local deities at an outdoor theatre. During festivals, weddings and rural fairs in villages throughout the valley, folk dances, special regional cuisine and handicrafts all display local talents and customs.There is a rich tradition of folk arts in Kullu. The excellent temple carvings, vibrant handicrafts, spectacular folk dances and melodious songs show the sensitivity of the people. The exquisitely build temples, castles, and forts are the monuments of an advanced form of architecture and sculpture that flourished in the valley in past.

Hadimba Temple

The people of Kullu are filled with stories of their own. If you want to learn more about a city, you must talk to the localites because no one will be able to explain to you the emotions attached to the land they belong to. Speak to them, sit in a cosy café, surrounded by mountain dogs- write, sing, eat. Do whatever that makes you happy. Bathe in the glorious moment of solitude. The people of Manali- Kullu are primarily farmers, but now the population has also scattered into emerging occupations as tourism, handloom industry and other skilful fields like computer applications. Unlike many other places, 70% of the people here are literate. This includes an equal ratio of men and women!

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