IGLOO Stay with your Valentine in Manali – FOR THE FIRST TIME IN INDIA!


IGLOO Stay with your Valentine in Manali – FOR THE FIRST TIME IN INDIA!

I remember sitting on the third desk of my second grade class, staring at the the social science teacher in fascination as she introduced us to the strange creatures and their even stranger way of habitation. I dreamt that night, that I too lived in a house made up of snow, an Igloo. Huddled up inside with cuddles my favorite stuffed bear for warmth.
I dreamt of collecting fire wood with my dad and lighting bonfires much like we used to for ‘Lodi’, only this time we would be surrounded by snow.  As I grew up I abandoned my fantasy, unless I could muster up loads of cash to make my way to Greenland the land of Inuits, my dream wasn’t coming true anytime soon.

Igloo in Manali
                                                                                You can stay at this Igloo near Manali.


But even in today’s cynical world, sometimes dreams do come true I suppose. And this time we have ‘Vikas Kumar‘ and ‘Tashi Dohre‘, two winter sport specialist to thank for turning our dream into reality.  They have built us our very own little snow houses, complete with bonfire’s each night and skiing adventures. Sounds like a lover’s paradise doesn’t it? One straight out of a 90’s bond movie! Only this one isn’t in the Alps in Switzerland, it is in Manali.

A sneak peek inside the Ignoo
                                                                                          A sneak peek inside the Igloo


Igloo campsite amidst the snow clad mountains
                                                                        Igloo campsite amidst the snow clad mountains


So we get to spend a night inside an Igloo, against the backdrop of beautiful snow clad mountains of Manali. Having a hard time believing me? Check out this exclusive 3 Days trail to Manali by TerrainTravellers (Only available at TerrainTravellers, nowhere else) and book your spot today to snuggle with your partner amidst snow this Valentines Day. Click here to Book Now! Avail Valentines Week special discount of 11% (Valid for booking between 7th-14th Feb).      

As winters give way to a shiny summer these igloos will too melt away, so the month of February is your only chance to undergo this unique and wonderful experience. LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE (ONLY 6 PER DAY). Missing this once in a lifetime experience is sure to leave you racked with guilt.

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