Why You Should Visit The God’s Own Country – Kerala


Why You Should Visit The God’s Own Country – Kerala

Kerala, a state lying on a sliver of a coastline on the south of the Indian peninsula is embedded with a rich and dynamic culture. The state, also known as “God’s Own Country” lives up to its name quite well. With alluring and backwaters, a sound cultural heritage and a plethora of other rejuvenating things to offer, Kerala is on the dream destination list of many travellers.

The state covers around 600km of the Arabian coast, with golden beaches lining it. It lies on the shadow side of the Western Ghats, with tall coconut trees swaying with the cool coastal winds. If you were to see India through a looking glass, Kerala will jump out as a natural rejoice, unlike the other hustling cities of India. With an equitable climate, over fifty beaches, a distinct cultural vibrancy, tea plantations and spice fields, Kerala is held dear to many hearts. The National Geographic Traveller’s List has named Kerala in its list of “50 Places of a Lifetime”.

A view of a sandy Arabian Sea beach.

Kerala slows you down. It’s that kind of a place that single-handedly uplifts you both mentally and physically, leaving nothing but a peace which you won’t find in every day city chaos. This place has enchanted travellers since the ancient times when the Greeks first sailed up to the Malabar Coast in search of riches. Kerala still reverberates with its old colonial charm with cities like Kochi (earlier Cochin) that lights up the old forts and monuments. Thiruvananthapuram, (earlier Trivandrum) the capital of Kerala serves as a gateway to coconut fringed backwaters and beaches of Kovalam and Varkala. These destinations are known for their Ayurvedic and organic therapies.  Munnar is one of the most visited places in Kerala. It is a hill station, situated at the height of about 1600m. With serene views and an enchanting atmosphere, Munnar promises you peace and tranquillity. Back to the colonial times, Munnar was used as a summer getaway by the British due to its pleasant climate and quietness.


These locations can be classified as quite mainstream. Fear not, Kerala does offer you some off-beat and quiet places to rejoice at. Here are five unexplored places of Kerala.

1. Nelliampathi


Also nicknamed as poor man’s Ooty due to their resemblance is the most famous unexplored place. It is cradled in the Western Ghats and is a hill station. The high altitude and the extensive tea plantations make it all the more alluring.


2. Muzhappilangad Beach

muzhappilangad beach

Muzhappilangad Beach is probably the only drive-in beach in Kerala and also happens to be one of the largest in Asia. You can take a drive on the long 5km stretch of the beach and youngsters are often seen showing off their driving and biking skills.


3. Ayyappancoil


Ayyappancoil is a pristine beauty located in the Idduki district of Kerala. It has a mysterious history, with the people believing that they are the successors of the of a warrior tribe who were migrated at the time of war of Chera chola of Tamil nadu. Today, this little village is renowned for its suspension bridge which attracts tourists from all over the world.


4. Vazhachal Waterfalls

vazhachal waterfalls

Vazhachal Waterfalls is very near to Athirappily waterfalls, one of the most popular waterfalls in Kerala. Vazhachal is just a 5 km drive from the later.  Both these waterfalls are on Chalakkudy River which flows through the Thrissur district of Kerala.


5. Pakshipathalam


Pakshipathalam as the name suggests is a home to many exotic birds as well as other fauna. It is situated in the Brahmagiri Hills, at an altitude of 1740 m above sea level.It offers you untouched nature, streams and steep hills, thus making it a happy place for trekking enthusiasts and adventure lovers.


Enjoy the tranquil beaches, the lively markets, the adventurous backwaters, the coolness of the air and live the romance of the lagoons in Kerala. It’s best visited during the winter months as the weather is not as pleasant in the summers because of the hot and humid climate. Kerala is one such place you can go with anyone and everyone be it your family, friends, significant other, or colleagues; you will enjoy it nonetheless.

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