What To Carry For The Chadar Trek? – A Complete Travel Checklist

What To Carry For The Chadar Trek? – A Complete Travel Checklist

The Chadar Trek is the most adventurous and thrilling trek one can have. The Chadar Trek is popularly known as the The Frozen River Expedition. For anyone who loves adventure, trekking or an experience for of thrills, the Chadar Trek is perfect for them. Deep in the mountains of the Himalayas, lies the frozen river Zanskar. During the winters, the river freezes completely and is thus given the local name – Chadar, or “sheets’ of ice. The entire river is covered by ice sheets and water continuously flows beneath it. This trek is one of the most exhilarating treks one could ever go on and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for every kind of traveller.

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In this article you will be explained what all to carry for the trek and why you need to carry them. The first thing to keep in mind is that this trek is basically walking long distances on nimble sheets of ice so one should not carry heavy bags with them; only pack what’s necessary. Because this trek is happening in such extreme weather conditions and includes lot of physical adaptability, a trekker must carry the following items with him for the same-



Trekkers in tents around a bonfire during night.
                                                                          Trekkers in tents around a bonfire during night.


A trekker has to keep in mind that Chadar Trek takes place is very extreme cold weather conditions. This is makes it mandatory to keep warm clothes, including –

  • Full sleeve tees with collar
  • Fleece jacket – sweaters are highly discouraged
  • Full sleeve thick jacket
  • Thermal inners
  • Woollen monkey cap/balaclava that cover the ear
  • Woollen hand gloves and synthetic gloves (water proof)
  • A woollen head-scarf or muffler

Other than the woollen clothing a trekker must also have the following clothing items-

  • T-shirt(s)
  • Track Pants

Denims or jeans are not suited for this trek so one must not carry them or wear them. A few tricks should be kept in mind by the travellers like 2 t-shirts are warmer than one thick t-shirt and 3 t-shirts work as good as a sweater, etc.



Trekkers walking along a frozen patch of the Zanskar River.
                                                                   Trekkers walking along a frozen patch of the Zanskar River.


Footwear for this trek is quite tricky as normal sport shoes or even hiking boots won’t be suitable. The proper footwear that is required has been listed below –

  • Waterproof high-ankle hiking boots with proper grips
  • If a trekker does not have the aforementioned footwear they can wear rubber gumboots over regular hiking boots. The gumboots can be bought from Leh also.



Tents and a bonfire during twilight.
                                                                                   Tents and a bonfire during twilight.


For a trek like this, combined with high altitude and freezing weather conditions, a trekker must have the following medicines with them. Essentially, one should pack in antipyretics, analgesics, antiemetics, anti-allergens, medicines for diarrhoea, altitude sickness, oral rehydration pills and other prescription drugs All the medicines and other pharmaceutical items that may come in handy have been listed below-

  • Crocin
  • Avomine
  • Avil
  • Combiflam
  • Disprin
  • Norflox
  • Digene
  • Leukoplast
  • Betadine (Or any other anti-septic)
  • Volini, move or relispray
  • Diamox
  • Band-aid, hansaplast, etc
  • Crepe bandage
  • Cotton
  • Gauze Cloth
  • ORS


Other Requirements

Trekking kit.
                                                                                                   Trekking kit.


Things you need to have other than the aforementioned items have been listed below-

  • Trekking Pole(Mandatory)
  • Toilet kit with the essentials
  • Torch with extra batteries. You’ll need spare batteries as they don’t last long in cold temperatures.
  • Light towel
  • Chapstick
  • Cold Cream
  • Sun-screen lotion
  • Water bottles
  • Sunglasses with 100% UV protection
  • Trekkers with spectacles should either have photochromatic glasses or carry sunglasses big enough to be work over their glasses.
  • A repair kit with needle, string, pins, thread, etc.
  • Camera, memory-cards, batteries etc (carry enough spare batteries. Electricity may not be available)
  • Plastic bags (2 or 3 would suffice)


For a trek like this, it is essential to carry the bare minimums as the day-to-day facilities won’t be available. Don’t pack heavy because carrying a heavy backpack while trekking will make it all the more difficult.

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