Book Cafes In Delhi To Beat Exam Woes!

Book Cafes in Delhi

Book Cafes In Delhi To Beat Exam Woes!

It’s the month of November and for students in the city, exam- stress sends shivers down the spine more than the weather does. Most of us pledge to start studying, but get distracted by our soft and fuzzy looking beds or Instagram pages that suddenly look oh, so interesting! In times like these, what we really need is an environment that is holistic for some concentration, with a good doze of caffeine. Here’s presenting to you your first exam guide- a list of 5 book cafes in Delhi that are fantastic places to snuggle up with a good book (or a bad book, in case you’re studying engineering), drink some coffee and feel not-so-miserable during exam time!


1. Cafe Turtle, Khan Market

Cafe Turtle

This book-cafe is one of the oldest in the city and therefore deserves a first mention. In Full Circle book store, a narrow winning staircase leads upstairs, to this cafe. After having picked up a book from the book store downstairs, readers make their way up to the cafe and enjoy a good book with coffee and some snacks. You could go here to catch up on your syllabus and grab a good bite.


2. Cha Bar, Connaught Place

Cha Bar

This place is special again because it’s connected to the famous Oxford book store- it would be unfair if the space next to the store weren’t a book cafe! The cafe is painted in eccentric blue, white and black and it serves upto 100 different kinds of tea! Warm sunlight creeps in from its huge windows and makes studying more beautiful, if not easier, for the most of us.


3. Kunzum Travel Cafe, Hauz Khas Village

Kunzum Cafe

This is a quaint little place where mostly travellers come by to browse through a range of travel and photography books. It’s speciality is that it doesn’t have a price for any of the services it provides, be it beverage, books or a nice ambience! People are free to pay whatever they wish to pay and can still equally sit back, sip on some tea and gorge deep into their books.


4. Ivy Bean, Shahpur Jat

Ivy Bean

This cafe has a quirky interior for the times you wanna zone out for a while. It has shelves of books which you can pick up anytime and also provides wifi service. It’s perfect to have nice cakes and coffee to accompany you while you take on the mission to nail your exams!


5. May Day, Shadipur

May Day

This one is a bonus if you’re a student of political science. It’s unique feature is that it is owned by left-wing supporters who also have a left-wing publishing house and book store attached to it. However, the small pantry for the “cafe” only opens when some event is being hosted by the book store/ cafe/ publishing house.

Give up your laziness and find more places like this to explore, both in and out of the city! The world awaits you so take it on now, here!

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